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Category 1

Create Distinction

Join me as I examine the four cornerstones of distinction and how they will bolster your company and career as you step away from the competition.

1 The Phenomenon of Sameness and the Need for Distinction

This introductory course introduces you to the phenomenon of sameness and why businesses must be committed to creating distinction in today’s marketplace.

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Passion for Distinction
2 The Three Destroyers of Differentiation

Learn about the 3 destroyers of differentiation, or why copying the competition, making things harder, and not changing things up for your customers will kill your business.

  • Chapter 1: A Day in Red Square
  • Chapter 2: Differentiation Destroyer #1: Copycat Competition and Incremental Advancement
  • Chapter 3: How Customers Contribute to Destroyer #1
  • Chapter 4: Differentiation Destroyer #2: Change That Creates Tougher Competition
  • Chapter 5: Differentiation Destroyer #3: Familiarity Breeds Complacency
3 Three Levels of Differentiation

This course examines the three levels of differentiation, three strategies for achieving it, and three ways to fail at it.

  • Chapter 1: The Three Levels: Sameness, Differentiation, Distinction
  • Chapter 2: Three Strategies for Creating Differentiation
  • Chapter 3: Three Surefire Ways to Fail at Differentiation
4 The Ebert Effect

In this course, we look at why some businesses succeed and some fail, why things that are different are perceived as being superior, and how you can achieve distinction.

  • Chapter 1: Some Fail, Some Succeed
  • Chapter 2: The Ebert Effect
  • Chapter 3: Four Cornerstones of Distinction, a Preview
5 The First Cornerstone: Clarity

The first cornerstone in creating distinction is Clarity. Learn why clearly defining who you are, and who you are not, is the crucial first step in the process.

  • Chapter 1: Who Are You?
  • Chapter 2: Who You Are Not
  • Chapter 3: A Presidential Example
  • Chapter 4: “We’re That Too”: Why You Can’t Differentiate a Generic
  • Chapter 5: Becoming Clear With The High Concept
  • Chapter 6: You Cannot Differentiate What You Cannot Define
  • Chapter 7: Clarity is the Starting Point
6 The Second Cornerstone: Creativity

The second cornerstone is Creativity. It follows Clarity and is aligned with it. In this lesson, you will learn ideas for encouraging creativity and specific strategies to use.

  • Chapter 1: Creativity Must be Second
  • Chapter 2: Three Ideas For Stimulating Creativity
  • Chapter 3: Creative Strategy Step 1: Drive it Down
  • Chapter 4: Creative Strategy Step 2: Pick a Point
  • Chapter 5: Creative Strategy Step 3: Develop a Difference
  • Chapter 6: Creativity That Is Congruent With Your Clarity
  • Chapter 7: Distinction: The Only Approach to Lasting Greatness
7 The Third Cornerstone: Communication

The third cornerstone is Communication. All the Creativity and Clarity in the world will not create distinction if you don’t effectively communicate your story.

  • Chapter 1: The Importance of Stories
  • Chapter 2: Understanding Story and It’s Benefits
  • Chapter 3: Crafting Your Story: The Three Act Format
  • Chapter 4: Screen-Testing Your Story
  • Chapter 5: Wrapping Up
8 The Fourth Cornerstone: Customer-Experience Focus

The fourth cornerstone in creating distinction is Customer-Experience Focus. Your focus on the ultimate customer experience isn’t part of what you do; it must be who you are.

  • Chapter 1: A Tale of Two Customer Experiences
  • Chapter 2: Where Is Your Focus? It Defines You!
  • Chapter 3: Aren’t Service and Experience the Same?
  • Chapter 4: Creating a Customer-Experience Focus
  • Chapter 5: The Five Step UCE Process
  • Chapter 6: The Folly of the Value-Added Approach
  • Chapter 7: Bringing It All Together
9 More Lessons In Distinction

This lesson re-examines two key points made earlier: the importance of good messaging and delivering a distinct story, and delivering the ultimate customer experience.

  • Chapter 1: Are You Creating A Distinctive Story?
  • Chapter 2: Are You Delivering an Ultimate Customer Experience?
10 Different Is Better

This lesson concludes our training on how you Create Distinction with stories that illustrate why it is crucial to be different and to provide the Ultimate Customer Experience.

  • Chapter 1: Different Is Better
  • Chapter 2: My Best Teacher
  • Chapter 3: You Can Do It!
Category 2

The Ultimate Customer Experience

This course examines the three elements it takes to attain a Level 3 customer interaction: Join me in exploring the Ultimate Customer Experience. Your mastery of these principles will set you apart from your competition while enhancing your success.

1 An Introduction to the Ultimate Customer Experience

This course introduces you to the Ultimate Customer Experience, why all customers desire it, and how you must deliver it both internally and externally.

  • Chapter 1: What’s Your UCE?
  • Chapter 2: Internal Customers
2 Understanding the Three Levels of Customer Interaction

This course examines the 3 levels of customer interaction: processing, service and experience.

  • Chapter 1: Level 1: Processing
  • Chapter 2: Level 2: Service
  • Chapter 3: Level 3: Experience
3 The Elements of a Level Three Professional

This course examines the 3 elements it takes to attain a level 3 customer interaction: superior information, systemic empathy, and an obsession for sensation.

  • Chapter 1: Superior Information
  • Chapter 2: Systemic Empathy
  • Chapter 3: Obsession for Sensation
4 The Six Steps to a UCE – Step 1: Make a GREAT Impression

The first step in delivering the Ultimate Customer Experience is to make a great impression. This course will teach you three components of a great impression.

  • Chapter 1: Consider This Experience
  • Chapter 2: Everything Matters
  • Chapter 3: Focus on the Other
  • Chapter 4: Be Your BEST Self
5 The Six Steps to a UCE – Step 2: Don’t make it right… GET it Right

It is always best to get it right be exceeding customer expectations. However, when things don’t go as planned, knowing how to make it right is critical.

  • Chapter 1: The Critical Point and a Review
  • Chapter 2: Exceeding Customer Expectations
  • Chapter 3: Making It Right
6 The Six Steps to a UCE – Step 3: Serve With Empathy

In this course you will learn that service with a smile doesn’t cut it, you must serve your customers with empathy; identifying with their thoughts and feelings.

  • Chapter 1: Service
  • Chapter 2: Why Are We in Business
  • Chapter 3: “With” Means Doing More
  • Chapter 4: Empathy
7 The Six Steps to a UCE – Step 4: Connect With Emotion

In this course, we look at the difficult topic of emotion. You will learn 3 steps for connecting with your customers emotionally so you can enjoy infinitely greater loyalty.

  • Chapter 1: Emotion is Tough
  • Chapter 2: An UCE Story
  • Chapter 3: Fifteen Minutes
  • Chapter 4: Align
  • Chapter 5: Engage
  • Chapter 6: Commit
8 The Six Steps to a UCE – Step 5: Take Personal Responsibility

This course examines personal responsibility and why people make the difference in customer experience. We’ll also look at things to stop doing and things to start doing.

  • Chapter 1: People make the difference
  • Chapter 2: Personal Responsibility
  • Chapter 3: Stop Going In The Wrong Direction
  • Chapter 4: Start Moving Forward
9 The Six Steps to a UCE – Step 6: Make It a Joy!

Step six explores how doing business with you can be a joy for your customers while still remaining serious. In this course, you will also learn common roadblocks that prevent a joyous experience.

  • Chapter 1: Every Business Can Transmit Joy to Customers
  • Chapter 2: Joy Does Not Mean Frivolous
  • Chapter 3: It’s About the Feel
  • Chapter 4: Economics and Emotions
10 What Customers Really Want

In this course, we will examine six critical areas where there is oftentimes a disconnection between what you may be delivering to your customers and what they actually want.

  • Chapter 1: The Purpose of Business
  • Chapter 2: The Six Disconnections
  • Chapter 3: Compelling Experience vs Client Service
  • Chapter 4: Reciprocal Loyalty vs Endless Prospecting
  • Chapter 5: Differentiation vs Sameness
  • Chapter 6: Coordination vs Confusion
  • Chapter 7: Innovation vs Status Quo
  • Chapter 8: Personal Focus vs Product Focus
11 The Final Step to the Ultimate Customer Experience

In this final course, we will review the previous 10 courses and you will discover the all-important final aspect of the Ultimate Customer Experience.

  • Chapter 1: UCE Review
  • Chapter 2: The Final Aspect